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Melted snow, soggy meadow

At last, the snow has melted, and the chickens are breathing a sigh of relief. They wouldn't even leave the confines of their coop whilst the nasty white stuff was on the ground. Poor things. Typically for this time of year though, the snow has gone and we are left with soggy, stodgy ground. I've had to leave the chickens and retreat indoors to the fireside. Even for a hardy outdoorsy girl like me, this weather has beaten me.

I've spent the day inside trying to figure out which is the best social media management platform, only to spend hours on the research and not actually post anything at all.

On a cheerier note, this morning I spotted some of my newly planted daffodils have emerged from the ground. Seems they can cope with snow! Such a pleasure to see they are thriving. 1000 daffodils planted in December. 500 of the 'Winston Churchill' variety will be nodding their heads in the direction of Blenheim Palace. Well, maybe not that many, depending on the deer, rabbits, squirrels and moles...

Also got lots of my sweet peas in to soak this morning. Planting out tomorrow with my daughter, we'll call it a 'nature study' session. More on this tomorrow -I'll show you my fabulous propagator.

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