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Trying out the root trainers for the first time

Wix wanted me to think of a catchy title there, and that's as exciting as I could get. Oh dear. It's a slow day today. Woke up at 3am with the rain hammering down on the velux roof window. Then lay awake worrying about the meadow and the inevitable puddles that would be everywhere today.

However, I awoke to a brighter day, no rain and milder temperatures. It's positively (almost) balmy outside, and that can only lead to one thing - I grabbed coat, wellies and home schooling child, and we set off to plant our plump little sweet pea seeds that had been soaking for 24 hours.

My daughter was only to pleased to have her maths homework delayed (as was I, to be honest), and we passed a happy couple of hours outside in garden.

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