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What does a typical day look like?

Each tour page gives an outline of the tours on offer. We will arrange at the time of booking where to meet you and where you will wish to be dropped off at the ned of the tour, Sometimes things can change due to bad weather or locations being closed to the public. In which case, we will swap in other lovely places for you to explore.

What happens if it's raining?

It can be sunny in the morning and pouring rain in the afternoon! Come rain or shine, we'll be out, whatever the weather. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear and it can always stay in the vehicle until you need it.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing and sensible footwear is advised due to uneven footpaths and surfaces and lots of walking. Appropriate clothing/protection is advised to suit the weather/time of year.

I've got some particular places in England that I'd like to see. Can you take us to those please?

How fit do I need to be to join a tour?

Basic mobility is required to leave the vehicle and enter places visited, including walking up/down stairs in some places . Some locations have uneven walking surfaces.

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