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Victoria Cotswold Tours

Victoria Proffitt-White

Your Guide and Host

Hello.  I am your host and tour company owner, Victoria. I am a born and bred Cotswolds girl, and I am looking forward to showing you this stunning area where I live. It is such a beautiful part of the world to live and bring up a family.

Before Teacup Tours, I worked for Oxford University for many years, organising and managing lectures, events and tours for visitors from all over the world. I always enjoyed planning the tours the most, because this was where my local knowledge really came in handy. I looked for locations slightly away from the rest of the coach trip groups, sometimes something which was just for pure fun after a long morning of heavy going lectures (my personal opinion), or a place which was just so beautiful I had to let my visitors experience too.

Throughout my life I have always naturally leaned towards putting myself into aesthetically pleasing environments. I started my career as an Assistant Curator for the National Trust, then went to to work at Oriel College, Oxford University, and from then on, moved around various ancient colleges and schools of Oxford to satisfy my need to work in beautiful surroundings.  I now find myself in my perfect job. I can choose a different location every day, and there is so much choice here in the Cotswolds.


I can take you to places where, I think, will lift your spirits, calm your over-worked mind and give you some food for your soul. I really hope so, anyway.

When you decide to book your tour with me, feel free to share your interests on the booking form. A big part of Teacup Tours, aside from all the tea drinking and cake eating which will happen inevitably, is to create a day for you. We try to avoid cross-contaminating different groups into one tour outing, and as a general rule your tour will be designed for you.

I have been awarded my various licences to operate from the West Oxfordshire County Council. Tour operators must undergo very rigorous assessments to achieve these licences, which include a face to face interview, taxi driving exams both practical and theory, DBS, disability and safeguarding test, medical and vehicle assessments.

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