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The Best Shops in the Cotswolds. Part One.

This blog post features the best clothes shops in Stow on the Wold. I will be featuring future blogs posts on more towns in the Central, North and Eastern Cotswolds.

If you have read my previous blog posts, you will know I have a soft spot for Stow on the Wold. It’s a uniquely beautiful little Cotswold town, with a lot of history. No two buildings look the same. The rooves sit higgeldy piggeldy against each other, houses look like they are holding each other up. The town has been built up over a millennium, some of those inns and houses have been demolished and rebuilt over the years, and some have stayed almost the same. Stow sits upon a hill, in the centre of a triangle of three ancient roads that travel through the country. There are signs of life here from 6000 years ago.

Cotswold Teacup Tours in Stow on the Wold
Teacup Tours' VW in Stow on the Wold

If that doesn’t persuade you that this experience will be a lot more rewarding than a soulless shopping mall, then read on to discover some of my favourite shops in Stow.

1. Law & Co

This is the kind of boutique I love, owned by fashion model Denise Law. The story of her business beginnings is a bit of an inspiration – she left school at 16 to follow her passion for the fashion industry. Her hard work and perseverance has been rewarded by her now owing two very successful shops in key Cotswold locations – Stow and Cirencester. Every item she sells is selected by Denise, and modelled by her on her Instagram feed.

Law & Co has plenty of glamourous items, cute t shirts, some sequin pieces, feminine sexy silky things upstairs and lots of interiors, gifts and jewellery downstairs.

2. The Curated Store in Talbot Court is a pop up shop, selling items from lots of local businesses. Items rotate on a monthly basis.

There is a good mix of clothing, art, scented candles, vintage homeware and furnishings. There are always some fabulous paintings for sale here, and often floral paintings. Everything is really reasonably priced. Depending on who’s shop is in rotation that month, they often sell hand knitted, hand sewn cosy items on their first floor. Well worth popping in for a look.

Pom in London Stow on the Wold

3. Pom is also in Talbot Court. This is a new sister shop to their London branch, selling a range of carefully hand-picked items to wear and for the home. This boutique is a joy to explore. The colour schemes are unfailingly positive and full of tactile luxurious garments. It’s a happy place.

Domestic Science Stow on the Wold
Domestic Science

4. Domestic Science

This is another great little shop in Talbot Court. Downstairs is full to the brim with lovely vintage and contemporary British made gifts and things for the home. Ranging from huge squishy velvet cushions, to cute little mice dolls in matchboxes, and lovely coloured candles. Upstairs alongside the eclectic display of homeware, there is a range of plush cosy comfort clothing, including teddy bear coats, soft jumpers and super luxurious woollen socks in beautiful gift boxes.

5. Beetroot

This is a designer second hand shop, selling some very nice stuff. They have boots, heels, clothing from many different designers, all in a cosy little shop on beautiful Sheep Street.

6. Fairfax and Favor

This is fast becoming (if it isn’t already) a luxury shopping destination for lovers of fine quality boots and shoes for men and women. I think their items are made in Spain and sold in their five UK shops. The boutiques are designed to look like you have stepped into an elegant English country manor. The fire is lit, you can pop your complimentary glass of bubbly on the mantlepiece, whilst you snuggle into the leather armchair and squeeze on the suede over-the-knee-boots. Only difficulty there is in deciding which boots to buy (I’m currently torn between 3 pairs). Fairfax and Favor offer private shopping opportunities too, which can be booked online, or via myself if you want to indulge in your own personal Cotswold Luxury Shopping Tour.

7. Sam Wilson

Across the Market Square is the beautiful Sam Wilson store. Sam is an artist and designer and has used her designs to create British nature inspired pieces for the home. The shop is in a lovely old building with a basement and first floor, both of which are well worth exploring. Downstairs she has a small range of clothing, usually including some elegant lightweight woollen and cashmere sweaters.

8. Sister Sister Collective

This is a great little shop selling some one-off fashion and jewellery items at very reasonable prices. I always go for their dangly earrings, they don’t cost the earth. Nice place to go for gifts in the £15 - £30 region.


If you are traveling from afar, and want to have your larger items of shopping sent home, many businesses will do this for you. Best to check with individual shop owners before you buy.

Cotswold Luxury Shopping Tour

If you would like to be taken on a private tour to some of the places I have listed above, plus more Cotswold towns and destinations such as Burford, Burford Garden Company, Daylesford Organic, and more, feel free to contact me or book direct via my booking page.

The tour includes collection from an agreed pickup point and a 6 hour long happy exploration of the Cotswolds and to some of the best boutiques. We stop somewhere suitably Cotswoldy for lunch – and at the end of the day, you will return to where we first met, hopefully laden with your goodies.

To Cotswold Business Owners

I am always delighted to discover new places, or places new to me. Get in touch if you would like to feature in my future blogs, and I will pop on over for a visit.

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